Southern California Lawyers & Legal Services

As Southern California lawyers, the attorneys at The Blackman Law Firm, understand that the law affects people in many different ways. This is why we are happy to count amongst our ranks some of the best Southern California attorneys specializing in various areas of the law. Each and every one of our skilled Southern California attorneys have experience in both counsel and representation, and many of them are certified in more than one area including Civil Law, Employment Law and Consumer Rights Law. Here are only a few of the services that you can rely on The Blackman Law Firm, to perform to your entire satisfaction:

  • Southern California Civil Litigation
  • For matters involving a lawsuit resulting from a dispute between private parties (individuals or corporations). Cases falling under the civil litigation area of the law are usually concerning matters such as breach of contract, debt collection, malpractice or injury.


  • Southern California Family Law
  • For all matters relating to legal aspects in regards to relationships between members of a family. This includes marriage and divorce, child custody and any other matters related to family relationships.


  • Southern California Labor & Employment Law
  • For all matters related to rights and obligations of employers, workers and union members. Our Southern California attorneys offer counsel, advice and representation to management, employees and government representatives on issues such as employment standards and workplace health and safety.



Southern California Civil Litigation

The Blackman Law Firm, is a preeminent Southern California based law firm that specializes in civil litigation suits. That is, we resolve conflicts between two or more parties and ensure that our Southern California clients receive the verdict they deserve. Whether you are seeking financial compensation due to fraud or injury or swift justice against those who have breached their contractual obligations The Blackman Law Firm, will make certain that the issue is handled quickly and effectively.

Moreover, our civil litigators are versatile and dedicated trial lawyers that can cover a wide array of civil law issues, including workmen's compensation, employment and labour laws, class action suits, medical malpractice lawsuits and landlord and tenant problems, amongst several others. Furthermore, our civil litigators are well versed and trained in various forms of procedural and substantive law, and possess expert negotiation and client development skills.

In addition, no case is too big or too small for The Blackman Law Firm. Whether your case involves hundreds of dollars of several millions, The Blackman Law Firm will represent you with every means at our disposal to ensure that justice is met, whether it is at an arbitration, trial, or mediation in. Moreover, we provide full disclosure to all of our Southern California clients, including simplifying complicated legal jargon so that we are on the same page before the trial hearing. Furthermore, our no-nonsense approach to civil law will cut through all the bureaucratic red tape and eliminate most of the hassles that stem from trial deliberations.

Hence, our civil litigators will use their years of civil law experience, tact, and sharp negotiation skills to ensure that you will emerge from your trial victorious and with complete satisfaction. Whether you are looking to settle the division of assets after a tough divorce, are dealing with child adoption barriers (i.e., same sex partners), have been fired due to discrimination (i.e., sexism, racism, ageism), or have been injured in an accident due to negligence or insobriety, The Blackman Law Firm, will ensure that justice is met swiftly and that you receive the financial compensation or desired verdict with full peace of mind.



Southern California Family Law

When most people think of family law they think of divorce proceedings. While The Blackman Law Firm does handle divorce issues in Southern California , such as child custody, alimony, child support, visitation rights, no fault divorces, nullities, separations, and asset allocation, we also specialise in various other forms of family law as well. For instance, we can resolve issues pertaining to common law relationships, as well as civil unions and other domestic partnerships. The Blackman Law Firm, will also take on cases that concern adoption rights (i.e., same sex and foreign couples), surrogacy issues, and paternity fraud and testing. Moreover, we have settled family law matters that dealt with spousal abuse, child molestation, and child abduction.

Unfortunately, while family law is a largely pervasive and relevant entity in contemporary society the field of family law has negative connotations in today's zeitgeist. For instance, many pundits claim that family law is used as a catalyst by avaricious attorneys to become rich at the expense of their clients and their former spouses. However, unlike other law firms, The Blackman Law Firm, bills on a flat-rate basis, so you know exactly how much you will be billed before and after the verdict is rendered. By doing so, both parties are kept on the same page and rates are always kept affordable.

Furthermore, we are fully aware of the turmoil and stress that family law issues such as divorce can cause on our Southern California clients. Fortunately, our lawyers strongly believe in the "Family comes first" motto and will do everything in their power to ensure that the interests of the child or children are placed first. In addition, we will also delegate ethically and morally and avoid cut-throat tactics that plague other family law firms. Moreover, our highly competitive and personalized family law services are assured to provide peace of mind and the very best course of action possible, guaranteed. Please contact us today for a consultation and discover the The Blackman Law Firm, difference for yourself.



Southern California Labor & Employment Law

Have you been dismissed from your job unjustly? Do you feel that racial, gender, or age discrimination was at hand? Do you feel you were fired due to malice? Have you been a victim of sexual harassment or bullying on the job? Or, perhaps you have been laid off and were not provided with a sufficient severance package. Whatever the reason, the Blackman Law Firm, has been mediating labour and employment conflicts between unions, employees, and managers since its inception.

For instance, we can resolve issues pertaining to unemployment insurance. We have dealt with companies who decided to play hard ball with their employees and deny them what was rightfully theirs. Moreover, The Blackman Law Firm, has helped some of our clients who were injured on the job receive their workmen's compensation in record time. In addition, we have forced negligent companies-who were endangering their employees' lives and welfare- to improve their work environments so that they met all safety and sanitation statues in the Southern California area.

Furthermore, the Blackman Law Firm, will fight to the bitter end to ensure that wages are sufficient for our clients and that they receive the financial compensation they deserve (i.e., overtime pay, wage equity). As for our senior clients in Southern California , we will also ensure that they receive the exact retirement pension funds that they were promised on day one, guaranteed.

Regardless of the issue, The Blackman Law Firm and its team of distinguished and dedicated lawyers have been rectifying labour disputes on a national, international, and municipal level. For instance, we have resolved labour disputes with multinational conglomerates as well as small starter companies with as few as 10 employees. Irrespective of the size of the company, The Blackman Law Firm, treats all of our Southern California clients with an equal amount of dedication and respect. Moreover, our rates are highly competitive and we charge on a sliding scale to ensure that proper representation is available to all. Hence, whether you are having problems pertaining to employee benefits, safety, or harassment The Blackman Law Firm, will defend you with every means at our disposal to ensure that justice is met swiftly and effectively.